Film and Video Production

  • 3D projection mapping (live and installation)
  • HD Video Film editing (production and post)


A multi-media light and sound installation. It comprises of an enquiry into the effect of pollution on ecology; the pollutant object itself, and the effects of these entities on the environment through time and space with, some reference to existential and philosophical ideas. ‘Human beings are now going through this upgrade. The upgrade is called ecological awareness’ (Morton, T. 2015).

When thinking deeply and passionately about what is wrong in the world and the effect of human industrialisation on the climate it may feel like we are at the precipice of understanding or, perhaps it is too late raise awareness in the current social and political arena. Are we living in an imagined world of hyperthreading plastic voices? Humans tend to be more concerned with the phone upgrade let alone of the consequences and effects of waste and un-recyclable or toxic materials. Environmental art tries to make sense of this, to an extent by celebrating nature, in encapsulating various strands through: nature art; art in nature; site specific performance; crop art; social sculpture; land art; ecological art; earth art; earthworks; agit prop; green activism; slow food; bio-art; acoustic ecology; plastic art; documentary projects and more in ‘a profusion of terms’ (Bower, S. 2010). The manifestation of plastics and un-recyclable waste such as radioactive material, and general pollution levels are out of control. Having examined the Great Pacific Garbage patch for instance, there is hidden evidence of the harmful effect of human consumerism and industrialisation beneath the ocean waves and in the guts of animals. This is on a vast scale that cannot be simply appreciated. The human disregard and blind un-awareness of ecological disaster is just part of several causal affects causing biospheric traumas and hidden phenomena that directly or indirectly affects our existence and social fabric. The overarching title 'RadioPlastic' (Fritsch, B. 2017) film used for the work tries to convey the somewhat vain voices and paradoxes we face as a species when thinking about future generations and the planets existential crisis as opposed short term thinking, solutions and profiteering.

This new audio-visual work is being developed through examination of the expanding ecological problems; with the effects of human industrialisation and, the effect of geo political structures. Harman and Morton through the philosophical ontology movement explore the intersection of object-oriented ontology in relation to ecological studies and Morton conveniently references several contemporary art practices to convey observations, messages and awareness of our situation.

bertiE - artist, musician, producer and designer.